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Translating the Image: Cross Cultural Contemporary Arts is an AHRB (Arts and Humanities Research Board) 5 year funded major research project running from September 2000 – August 2005, lead by Professor Irit Rogoff. The project is currently housed within the Visual Cultures Unit.

Translating the Image, Cross Cultural Contemporary Arts posits a series of questions concerning singularity and the global circulation of visual culture and its abilities to signify across national, cultural, historical and linguistic differences. Difference as such, has always been constituted through a relation to some perceived centre as well as being viewed as a force mobilised in opposition to that and other centres and central precepts of western culture. As an alternative to such binary and conflictual models of cultural analysis, this project attempts to unravel the degree to which cultures exist in a relation of permanent translation of one another and therefore cannot be read through as direct oppositions.

The work of the research group is divided into three main activities- academic research, practice-based research and the convening of conferences and a twice-yearly pan-European seminar ‘The European Conversation: On Cultural Difference’. The outcomes of the Cross Cultural Contemporary Arts research project are to be published in a three volume publication by Walther Koenig .

Cross Cultural Contemporary Arts, as well as taking part in traditional academic activity and practice-based research, is seeking to disseminate its expertise and research findings via a series of public and private meetings and interventions with arts policy makers, curators, consultants and public bodies, over the next eighteen months.

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