A scratch festival of six new premieres.

8th – 10 June 2006

Drama Studio 3
Lewisham Way
SE14 6NW

£6 Full Price/£2 Concessions

For more information: please contact the writers via email at:


Thursday 8 June at 7pm:
Dust In Rain
Mechanical Failure
The Globe

Friday 9 June at 7pm
Unexpected City

Saturday 10 June from 3pm: A marathon showing of all shows:

Dust In Rain by Andrew Eglinton
Jason flees the city, breaking ties with his over-protective mother, and heads into the desert searching for clues about his late father. What he finds there will transform his life and test the bond between mother and son to its bitter limits.  

Mechanical Failure devised by Brian Wene and David Luff
Question. Answer. Repeat. Answer. Repeat. Question… In a big city, a group of complete strangers invent a story as they go along. A myriad of characters appear and disappear in this technologically arresting interactive performance.

The Globe by Beatriz de Castro Borges
Inside the globe all the nationalities of the world must come together and find that although they're different they're not as different as they think. Some are lost, some are dreamers... All are displaced in a world of alienation.

SNAFU by Arndis Thorarinsdottir
During the darkest days of winter, Icelanders only see four hours of daylight. Fannar juggles a job he hates, a wife that is cheating on him and the woman he couldn’t have. But it’s when his aged father-in-law takes a married, male lover that the shit really hits the fan.

Unexpected City by Nicole Lemery
An expressionist and emotional attempt to capture the feel of moving through the big city. UnexpectedCityuses dance, music and puppetry to see, hear or merely sense the narratives going on every moment. Historical experiences. Personal triumphs and losses. Anger, love and confusion. There are millions of stories in London. This is one of them.

Dogfight by Sarah Sigal
Does anyone genuinely accept the idea of community within an individualistic society? The cracks are beginning to show in a seemingly perfect suburb outside Chicago. Families are falling apart, people are quitting their jobs, neighbourly goodwill evaporates. And all because of a fight over a couple of dogs.


Arndis Thorarinsdottir
Arndis comes from Reykjavík, Iceland and has a B.A. in comparative literature from the University of Iceland. She has published several short stories and articles in Icelandic magazines and spent the summer of 2005 on her solo writing project, Reading en Route for the City of Reykjavík and Strætó bs., the public transport system of Reykjavík. In 2003 she co-authored an adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 that the Student Theatre of the University of Iceland performed. Arndis has also worked as an assistant director, prompter and stage-manager.

Andrew Eglinton
Originally from London, Andrew grew up in France and returned to the UK to complete a BA degree in Drama at Royal Holloway. He spent four years in Japan, two of which were devoted to the study of Japanese language and research on ‘performing minorities’ in Japanese theatre at the University of Tokyo. In 2005/06 he completed an MA degree in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths College. Andrew produced ScarletZone in Edinburgh as part of the Japan 2001 Festival and has written three full length stage plays including Ten Reasons to Sweep Fallen Leaves, White Noise and Dust in Rain.

Beatriz de Castro Borges
Beatriz de Castro Borges is from Brazil and has been living in England for the past ten years. She began her career as an actress working in repertoire theatre in Brazil. She attended a two-year acting course at the well-known Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2000 she started a BA in Creative Writing and Film Studies at the Metropolitan University in London, where she graduated in 2003. She went to Goldsmiths College in 2005 to read for an MA in Writing for Performance.

Sarah Sigal
Sarah comes from Chicago and has a BA in English Literature and Theatre Arts from Gettysburg College and an MA in Writing for Performance from Goldsmiths College. At Gettysburg, Sarah wrote and directed All Together Now, Blind Date and The Portrait, as well as one screenplay, The Valley of the Shadow. She worked at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre in New York where she directed WTC View, The Drum, Let’s Be Frank and The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year. Sarah has written and directed for subVerse at Theatre 503,The Space and the Park Road Pilot. She lives in London.

Brian Wene
Brian graduated from the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities in the sunny and happy city of Minneapolis with a degree in Theatre Arts. Specific interests in Dramaturgy enabled him to work within the theatre community at university, the surrounding area of the Twin Cities and now in London. Brian hopes to become a professional Dramaturg and pursue the idea of Dramaturgy to its limits through new performance, new audience and new spaces.

David Luff
As an undergraduate, David studied Philosophy and he is currently completing an MA in Dramaturgy. At the Arcola Theatre he produced Tartuffe, The Voyage of the Demeter, and Shortcuts 2005 – a week-long festival of new writing, in which fifteen new plays were presented. For Causeway Theatre Company he took Ted Hughes’ Tales From Ovid to Austria as part of the Traumwand Projekt: ActUp 05.

Nicole Lemery
Nicole Lemery studied theatre at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, specializing in design and production. Her play Closing the Door was premiered in 2003 by the student organization, Players. After taking a year off, during which time she interned at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts, Nicole came to London to study playwrighting at Goldsmiths College. She recently directed a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and hopes to start her own theatre company in the future.

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